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How Dancing With The Stars Differs From Other Reality Tv Shows

Reality television is everywhere. It seems as though every network has at least one. When America runs out of ideas they just adapt new shows from previous British ones. After all, that is what American Idol is; an adaptation from Britain's Pop Idol!

Very few shows promote fun and health, as they mainly focus on money and fame. Dancing with the Stars is not one of them. This article is going to show that while this show is similar in a lot of ways to other shows, it is truly headed towards a different realm.

You are probably wondering what makes Dancing with the Stars any different from shows like Date My Mom and Nanny 911? First look at the similarities. To begin with, much like American Idol, this show came from England and was first called, "Strictly Come Dancing" and it showed up during a time when television was all about using film, T.V. and sports stars for their reality shows, therefore it fit right in. America was also interested in the concept of ballroom dancing. The show is set up just like any other reality show where popularity plays a huge roll, allowing fans to vote who will stay and who will go.

A dancing show like So You Think You Can Dance helps to illustrate what sets Dancing with the Stars apart. The contestants on So You Think You Can Dance are trying to live a dream, as they are competing for so much that in the end, the reason that they dance in the first place is lost.

Very differently, the Stars show focuses on the dances and the beauty of them. They aren't competing for money so it takes all of the pressure out of the game. They are simply there for the fun of ballroom dancing and nothing more.

Dancing with the Stars takes place in a dance theatre and has introduced ballroom dancing to adults and children all over the world. Recently, they have promoted children who take part in ballroom type of dance. The show also promotes good health, and they don't even do it purposefully.

So many of the contestants, past and present, have lost weight and gotten into shape by ballroom dancing alone! They all credit the show for these wonderful transformations. So next time you turn on your television, ask your self what you would rather watch, a crushed dream or a football player doing the tango?