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How To Recycle Your Old Running Shoes

A few years ago, a local running store to me started a running shoe recycle program, which was great news for Southern Maine. Before the program began at the store, the closest shoe recycling center was in New Hampshire and they only accepted a few pairs of shoes at a time. If you have a local running store near you that will recycle shoes, I recommend that you take advantage of them.

The running store will sort through all of the donated shoes and will give ones that are still in a usable condition to a local homeless shelter where they can be put to good use. The rest of the shoes will be ground up and used to make track and basketball surfaces.

This seems to me to be a much better fate than decomposing in your local transfer station or land fill.

The local running store near me will accept any number of shoes that you would like to recycle, and they even offer a $5 coupon off of your next pair of new running shoes for each pair that you bring in. They do limit the coupons to 3 per person at any given time, but you should check to see if your local store has a similar program.

Personally, I don't take advantage of the coupon program since I have more running shoes than I know what to do with that aren't really usable for my own purposes so I just bring them to the store to get recycled when I can remember I'll be going by. It's much easier than trying to get them down to another state.

If you don't happen to have a local running store that will recycle your shoes for you, what are your other options?

First, if your shoes are still in usable shape, I'd look into a local shelter near your house that will accept donations. No sense in sending them off somewhere else when they can do some good in your own community.

Another option for shoes in usable condition is to bring them to a local Salvation Army or Good Will, which will send them to a local distribution center and will then try to sell them within a few state radius of where you live.

A final option for usable shoes is to look for a program that allows you to ship your shoes to a company that will donate them on your behalf. A�There are programs such as Soles4Souls who will send them to disaster areas around the world and have multiple locations you can ship to within the United States, or Shoe4Africa which allows you to send your old running shoes directly to Africa for distribution in Kenya.

If your shoes aren't really fit to be worn anymore, you can see where the nearest Nike Reuse-a-Shoe recycling center is where the shoes will be ground up and used in athletic and playground surfaces, although you may have to ship the shoes somewhere if there isn't a recycling center near you.