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As far as socialism, I am not entirely convinced it is a dangerous factor in its European type, however proof would tell the story. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe, people are overtaxed and budgets are being lower for well being care. Previous persons are generally even euthanized I've heard, or merely don't receive the care they want because they don't need to waste the resources or money. Actually, a few of this is rumor, and I think I'm seeing a hub in regards to the info about socialism in my future. I'm not too confident in regards to the quality of life in the US, but we now have more individual freedom here, and we get pleasure from more prosperity than the final populace in Europe or wherever else. It's arduous to argue with America's prosperity and world management.

Oznacza to że trzeba się uciec do źródeł pozabiblijnych - i tutaj trafia się stały zestaw autorów mających dowodzić istnienie Jezusa - Józef Flawiusz, Swetoniusz, Tacyt, Pliniusz Młodszy. Pewnie większość tych powątpiewających sprawdzi jedynie że "no faktycznie coś pisali Jezusie" i temat zamknięty. Tyle że i tutaj sprawa nie jest taka prosta.