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Skechers Shape Ups

Have you seen the recent television commercials on Skechers Shape Ups? They've got people claiming to be able to get a good workout from low impact activities such as walking and standing when they were these shoes. Are these claims valid? One clinical study seems to support them. Here are the details about that study.

June 2009 Study- During a six week trial period, Skechers Shape Ups wearers were tested on weight loss, body composition, glutei strength, and lower back endurance. Eight participants were instructed to wear the Shape Ups shoes during their normal daily activities and typical walking program, and were advised to maintain their usual diet and exercise strategies.

All participants were assessed at the beginning of the trial and every two weeks until its conclusion. All data was recorded, charted and analyzed.

The results indicated:

1. An average weight loss by participants of 3.25 pounds

2. An overall average improvement of body composition (reduction of body fat) of 1.125 percent

3. An average improvement of glutei strength by 41 percent

4. An average improvement of low back endurance by 37 percent

As the trial was only six weeks, you could anticipate an even greater improvement in body weight and body composition with continued use of the shoes. Glutei strength and lower back endurance both greatly improved. One can assume that Shape Ups dynamic rolling bottom, soft foam insole, and dual density midsole can target and condition the postural and stability muscles of the hips and lower back.