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Top 5 Ultimate Binoculars For Giving


Swarovski?s head office rests in Absam, Tyrol, in Austria, and is the center of almost 60 years of unparalleled quality and elegance in binocular design. Swarovski remains as devoted to environmental protection as to innovation and quality, offering a complete range of binoculars, telescopes, rangefinders, night vision, and rifle scopes.

Swarovski?s most notable binoculars may be their EL series binoculars. Widely considered the "best of the best", these are the height of binocular design to which others are compared. With outstanding light transmission and contrast, they provide high quality images, and yet remain lightweight and well-balanced in hand. The 10x42 offers great magnification with exceptional brightness, and multiple coatings improve clarity exponentially. Color fidelity is also optimized through a unique prism coating called SWAROBRIGHT. Finally, a wide-angle eyepiece offers a grand field-of-view. At a list price of $2187.78, these are the outstanding gift for the friend who has everything.


Leica began over 80 years ago when Oskar Barnack created a 35mm camera. These days their binoculars are world-renowned for exceptional quality and superior performance. Lifetime warranties are usually offered and innovative features such as automatic diopter compensation along with special coatings put these binoculars head and shoulders above the rest.

Geovids are offered in various magnifications and lens sizes, including sets at 8x42, 10x42, 8x56, and 15x56. Each offer a built-in laser rangefinder with an LED display. The rangefinder even has a built-in rain and snow mode, ensuring clear readings despite weather. Geovids are light-weight and completely rugged, with waterproofing and protective armor, just as you?d expect in high quality binoculars. Ranging from $2475.00 to $3195.00, these would make an excellent and powerful gift.


Zeiss consists of four operating subsidiaries, and their corporate headquarters are in Thornwood, New York. Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. is responsible for binoculars and scopes, and are well-recognized for their sporting optics. Whether hunting or birding, Zeiss offers binoculars and scopes alike. Laser rangefinders are key features in the most popular Zeiss binoculars, making long range shots a reality.

Victory binoculars are available in 10x42, with fluoride lenses and special LotuTec coatings. Hunters use these binoculars when the sun goes down; keeping their eyes on the prize well past dusk, and the twilight factor of these binoculars is worled-renowned. They have wide-angle eyepieces yet remain light-weight with easy handling. Finally, lenses are extremely resistant to scratches and abrasians, and feature coatings that make them easy and quick to clean. At $2159.00, Victory binoculars are wonderful gifts.


Steiner boasts a history of 50 years in "success and innovation". Revolutions are a part of Steiner?s vision Steiner was a leader in rubber armoring, integrated compass, UV protection coating, and pocket binocular sizes. More recently, Steiner offers the new Predator lens coating, increasing the contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds. All Steiner binoculars offer very high performance optics for use in military, marine, hunting, hiking, birding, and leisure.

Nighthunter XP binoculars are available in 10x50 and 12x56, with an ergonomic shell and auto-focus for easy viewing. High definition lens coatings throughout allow for great image quality and resolution, and a 30 year warranty is included with the binoculars. They are truly "built for several lifetimes of rugged use", and are constructed to US military standards for shock, fog, and waterproofing. These retail at about $1099.99.


Leupold has been around for over 100 years, and is built on "commitment to customer's absolute satisfaction, and commitment to building the best optics for the shooting sports, general and wildlife observation, and the military and law enforcement communities". Leupold binoculars remain family-owned, having begun in Oregon by a German immigrant named Fred Leupold. Leupold?s work with the U.S. Navy and Army has given them unique, deep, and broad understandings of binoculars for military use.

The Golden Ring HD series binoculars are available in 8x42, 10x42, 17/12x42, 8x32, and 10x32. They contain plasma-coated prisms and high-definition lenses of calcium-fluoride. Golden Ring binoculars allow you to lock interpupillary distance for superior single handed use, and offer superb clarity and resolution through special coatings. At $649.99, these would be great to find under the tree during the holiday season.