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What to Wear on the Golf Course to Help Performance

With everyone trying to get the edge over your fellow competitors, golf professionals and recreational players leave no stone unturned to maximise their chances of performing close to their potential.

We have all seen the improvement in clubs and balls allowing players to hit straighter and further with more consistency and control, however we should never loose site that its actually the golfer that performs the of hitting the shots something golf manufacturers seem to overlook.

So being athletic and having a golf swing that delivers speed and accuracy is the key factor to performing better. Focusing the mind on what you are doing in a relaxed state of mind is also an important ingredient in this whole jigsaw we call peak performance.

Peak performance regardless of your skill level can be influences by how comfortable you are with your surrounding and how your feel, which brings me nicely onto golf performance clothing. As a golf professional I have played with many an amateur golf in pro-ams and one of the things I hear on a regular basis is that being warmed up is vital usually followed by I was OK today once I got going.

If we look at other more athletic pursuits such as football, rugby, cycling there has been a noticeable change in the clothing worn. There are now underwear vests and pants being worn while performing sport. Then there are runners who even on the hottest day seem to be wearing skin tight leggings and vest.

So what's the deal?? Simply the clothing we are talking about is in fact clothing manufactures using their science to help control the body temperature keeping the body warm and also cool aiding the muscles at a temperature which performing. Keeping you comfortable while doing whatever you are doing will help you perform.

So if you want to get and edge wear something like Under Armour Golf Clothing on the course winter or summer.