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Where is Daniel Padilla Now?

Where is Daniel Padilla? A lot of fans may be asking this question, as well as curious passers-by, and to answer you directly, I'd have to say that Daniel Padilla is in the Philippines. He was born in April 26, 1995 to superstar parents, Rommel Padilla and Karla Ford, also known as Karla Estrada in the Philippine movie industry. He has made his debut back in 2010 with Gimmick 2010. Gimmick 2010 is a teen show that is supposed to be a follow-up to previous seasons Gimmick and G-Mik.

Under the tutelage of his superstar uncles and relatives, Daniel Padilla was able to absorb their acting prowess and is not rapidly making a name for himself in the Philippine movie and TV industry. Currently, he is working on two projects. ASAP XV and Growing Up. ASAP XV is a variety show that airs every Sunday around lunch time, Philippine time. Growing Up is a youth television series which features the country's latest teen idols, and that roster includes little Daniel. Actually, he was not listed in the original cast of the show, but due to current issues surrounding one of the leads, he was casted in the part, and the other guy was removed.

In the show, Daniel plays Patrick, the typical rebel teenager - handsome with undeniable charm. He plays opposite one of the country's most popular teen star, Kathryn Bernardo. Together, they have created a tandem that is so full of chemistry that they have teens and adults grinning alike. The producers and managers at Star Magic, where he is under contract, surely did not make a mistake in casting this newbie to the role. The series airs every Sunday as well, around 3:45 pm Philippine time.

Since he has the genes of his actor father and singer/actress mother, it is no longer a surprise that Daniel Padilla also has his very own ban. It is called Parking 5. It is made up of 5 young boys, with Daniel at the guitars. They make a pretty mean rendition of the Beatles' hit, Twist and Shout. They currently have gigs all over Manila and most of the Luzon area. The band may not be as popular as most of the established bands in the Philippines, but you can say they are getting there.

Being the child of a famous actor and actress, and coming from a family that is well-known for their contributions to the Philippine cinema, young Daniel Padilla may be in a bit of a bind here. Who would not be placed under pressure with all that? I'm sure I will. Some people might even say that he is just riding on his parents' coattails of fame. For somebody who is serious about his craft, this may come as an insult. That is why he is working hard to prove everybody wrong and to show them that he deserves to be where he is right now.

So, if you ask me again where Daniel Padilla is, I might just say that he is somewhere on his way to top.